Holistic Healing sessions & coaching


3 sessions of healing tailored for you - choose your own adventure

  • Private, live, face-to-face sessions online (worldwide)

  • In person sessions in LA only - mobile services currently available

  • The perfect start to your journey to success

  • Customized for your individual needs, with a  focus on your specific challenges to achieving success

  • Choose your Pivotal Shift Point: personal empowerment, healthy relationships, or workplace satisfaction

  • A personal check-in phone call after a month

  • only $400 (Save $50+ vs. paying for individual sessions)

  • Single sessions are also available, $150 each session                      (to really see some significant shifts in your life, I recommend starting with 3 sessions)

  • Larger packages are also available - save more when you choose packages and purchase in full

10 full sessions of tailored healing for you. Reclaim your best self, and receive the structured support you deserve.

  • Private, live, face-to-face sessions online (worldwide)

  • In person sessions in LA only - mobile/ in-home services currently available

  • Choose multiple Pivotal Shift Points, or hone your mono-focus: Personal Empowerment, Healthy Relationships, Spiritual Development, or Workplace Satisfaction

  • Bi-weekly sessions targeting your Pivotal Shift Point, each designed to work enable you to break free of current limitations, working in tandem with homework strategies & workbook activities, to develop and access your New Best Self over time

  • over 5 months of services and support only $1300

Remove the Blocks to Your Intimacy;

Rebalance, Rekindle, and Reinforce Your Love.

  • Private, live, face-to-face sessions online, both individual and couples sessions

  • In-person sessions in LA only - in home services currently available

  • Reconnect with each other on emotional, physical, and spiritual levels

  • 6 bi-weekly sessions over 3 months (includes 4 couples sessions, & 4 private sessions), including handouts, resources, sexy homework challenges, and helpful activities

  • Support and assistance on the way back to Intimate Communion

  • Reignite your passion for each other, and rejuvenate your relationship  

  • You'll also receive a follow up in the 4th month

  • over 3 months of services, support, and resources for only $1700 (Save $250+ vs paying for individual sessions)


Birth Doula Packages

Call in Sacred Space for Birth; skills and services to allow successful, easier births with empowered and secure Mamas; helping Babies create amazing birth memories.

This is consistent, conscious, compassionate, and savvy supportive care throughout your entire pregnancy, labor, and birth process; with in-home assistance postpartum. Create your best birth experience with your choice of a la cart options, including:

  • Prenatal massage

  • Prenatal Theta

  • Birth Photography

  • Baby Shower/ Blessing Way Ceremonies

  • Naming Ceremonies

  • Postpartum Ceremonies

  • ...and more 

For complete Birth Doula package options, details, and sliding scale costs, or to set up a face to face consultation in the LA area, please email Kalikia@gmail.com


It's been inspiring to be introduced to [this work] from Kalikia. She's down-to-earth, tuned in, open-hearted, and conducts her business as a compassionate professional. ... she oriented me in a way that made me excited for the discovery and the journey.

She also provides a great explanation of the mechanism behind the work (aka the science behind it). She's skilled at setting up a safe space and I felt comfortable sharing my honest experience with her, even when it included some moments of self-doubt :)

I'm excited to continue the journey!

A & R

We're grateful for your positive impact on our relationship. Our relationship continues to grow stronger, so all good things [are] happening.

We appreciate you keeping us focused on our [relationship] goals and ensuring we're sticking to the plan.

M & P

We learned a lot from [Kalikia] about how to care for one another during this most welcome & incomparable transformation in our lives. 


I have terrific results with Kalikia. First two session were around addiction.  After just two sessions I was not only off the wagon I could have the substance laid out in front of me and not even register it as a thing.  18 months later still good.


Third session was around chronic tightness along the right side of my body. Immediate results after the session about 30 min later it started fading out.  It came back the next day so more sessions might create a more lasting effect but she has since moved to southern California.

Kalikia shares "The Meaning of Service" and offers a free guided meditation.
Kalikia shares "The Meaning of Service" & a free healing meditation
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How may I be of Service?

What path led me here? Here are my credentials:

I graduated from Mills College with a BA in Ethnic Studies.


I am a certified Theta Healer and Reiki Master, and was a Massage Therapist for 15 years. 


I also have certified training in Hypnosis, Neurology and Kinesiology.

I have been an Ordained Minister since 2013. I continue to educate myself in Spirit, Religion, Nutrition, Plant Medicines, and Shamanism. 


Currently I am completing my Master certifications in NLP.

I am also a DONA trained Birth Doula.


All told, I have over 20 years experience offering 5 star service to individuals and groups as they progress on personal and spiritual journeys. 
Certified and servicing since 1997.

My current offerings are:

  • Private in-home, in-person Holistic Therapy services in Los Angeles, CA.

  • Live online one-on-one Holistic Therapy services worldwide.

  • Live online group classes.

  • Live group classes and meditation programs

  • also in conjunction with Healthy Anatomy, LA 

I reside in California and travel to facilitate workshops throughout the US.


My books are now available on Amazon here.